Why you should choose Carestay Healthcare Services

Carestay Healthcare Services Inc. (“Carestay”) offers an alternative and innovative approach to home healthcare that lets you choose the “where and how” you live with your challenging situations. We provide professional, needs-specific, knowledgeable and personalized care for seniors, those with Alzheimer’s/dementia, mental health illnesses and those with chronic or terminal conditions. Our care is delivered with passion to promote the well-being, comfort and compassion that comes from being around your loved ones. We are always ready and committed to provide the healthcare you deserve.

Our process is simple

The Director of Care first assesses your individualized needs and preferences, then creates a care plan with your needs in mind. For example, a person with Alzheimer’s/dementia as a secondary health condition, our approach would be to promote physical and cognitive brain health needs where necessary and coordinate treatment to meet the appropriate outcome. We strive to educate our clients on how to stay healthy, stay safe and free of falls and most importantly, stay in the comfort of their own home near loved ones, rather than being in a long-term care facility (LTC). In short, we will tailor a care plan that works for you and meets your specific care needs.

“Caring with Dignity is our promise”

Carestay strives to be a leader and innovator of the home healthcare industry in Canada. Our range of programs and services are designed and implemented by our Senior Director, Lorna King-Bobb, (awarded the TOP NURSE in Mississauga in 2013). Lorna is an internationally recognized nurse, a nursing professor and a well-travelled missionary.

We believe love, support and understanding for our clients’ dignity enhances the quality of care we provide for you or your loved ones — we are here to meet their individual needs 24/7. Carestay is committed to provide elite home healthcare services for all our seniors and those with various sicknesses, illnesses or in need of post-surgery care at home, hospital or LTC. Our clients will always receive the highest standard of care in their own homes and communities.

We are committed to maintaining client comfort and assuring caregiver consistency

Our caregivers are tailored to match the care required for our diverse roster of clients and patients, who have many differing and changing needs. As a rule, Carestay caregivers almost never visit their clients for the first time alone. They will have a thorough orientation, which is followed by continuous mentoring. Clients are first met by a Care Director who introduces them to the caregiver or client. Following the first visit, your Care Director is always available to address any further questions or concerns.

We care about your family, friends, loved ones, too…

Of course, our priority is that clients and patients receive the professional service, peace of mind and comfort they deserve. But, you will discover that it’s our understanding, willing assistance and support of your family’s needs that will greatly benefit the individualized home care you or your loved ones receives.

How Carestay makes it beneficial for your health

  • Care in the comfort of your own home and amongst family members, loved ones and friends
  • Collaboration with your family doctor and/or medical team to create your unique plan of care
  • Personalized care, tailored to your specific needs – at your convenience
  • Your privacy and dignity is maintained at all times
  • Home care as a viable alternative to institutional care
  • Care that enhances your overall healthcare experience, and helps improve your quality of life, physical and mental health

—— Our Mission ——

To provide heartfelt, compassionate care, to improve and enhance where possible our client’s quality of life in the comfort of their own homes, amongst loved ones and friends. We offer you a number of care giving solutions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and on holidays.

—— Our Vision ——

To realize home and community Healthcare as the successful future of Healthcare by building on trust, support, compassion and our wholistic approach to client care.

—— Our Values ——

To deliver with “CARE”… a happy, honest, nurturing environment that encourages, empowers and enriches our clients, patients and caregivers.

Committed and Compassionate Care

We are committed to meet your every need with passion, patience and dignity, to keep you at home amongst loved ones.

Accountability and Affordability

We are willing to meet you where you are. Caring is our concern. Our professionals are a dedicated team of hard workers bringing you “Peace of Mind”.

Resourceful and Respectful to Diversity

Education and regular upgrading of our professional caregivers; equipping them with the dynamic nursing knowledge to meet each person’s/client’s varied individualized changing needs adequately with grace to your satisfaction.

Empathy and going the extra mile for our client

We will support you in any and every way. We have a counselling and companion team to be with you in your bereavement and lost until you are ready to smile again. We hear you, and will be there to support you. We at Carestay have been there and know the pain and will not leave you but see you through.

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